Types of Crocodiles Living in Indonesia

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types of crocodiles

One types of crocodiles – Muara Crocodiles

Indonesia is located in a tropical area. That means you may expect numerous types of animals. What about crocodiles? Well, there are many types of crocodiles in this country. This fierce creature mostly lives in swamps and rivers. Some people are attracted to learn different types of crocodiles in Indonesia. There are about 7 types and each of them has a different habitat.

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Types of Crocodiles in Indonesia


  1. Estuarine Crocodile

This is the most common crocodile species in Indonesia. They are the longest and the most predacious. Most of them live in Benggala Gulf. They also live in other countries, especially Fiji.


  1. Irianese

As the name suggests, these species live in Irian Island. You can also find them in Papua New Guinea. In terms of appearance, it is similar to estuarine crocodiles. However, they have a smaller body. Also, they appear darker than other types of crocodiles. Their primary habitat is in the freshwater.


  1. Borneo Crocodile

Physically, it is similar to estuarine crocodiles. As the name implies, you can find them mainly in Kalimantan Island. They are quite notorious. It is due to their enormous size and fury. In fact, many of them ate people.


  1. Siamese

This type of crocodile has been labeled as critically endangered. You can find them in Kalimantan and Java Island. Though, they also live in other countries like Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Due to their critical status, the government puts lots of attention to them.


  1. Sahul

You can find them in South Papua. In terms of size, they are quite big. Due to their habitat, they are considered the same as an Irianese crocodile. However, experts have stated that these crocodiles should have a distinct category.


  1. Senyulong

It is the biggest crocodile species in Java, Kalimantan, and Sumatra Island. Senyulong crocodile has a unique physical appearance. It is their mouth. They have a narrow snout. Due to this reason, you can tell the difference between Senyulong and other types of crocodiles easily.


  1. Mindoro

Many people recognize it as the subspecies of an Irianese crocodile. Though, it has become a new species these days. Their main habitat is in South East Sulawesi Island. They also live in East Sulawesi.


Visiting the Largest Crocodile Conservation   

If you want to see thousands of crocodiles, you should head to Medan, Sumatra Island. There is enormous crocodile conservation. The location is in Asam Kumbang, Medan. You can witness lots of crocodiles. Today, it becomes an interesting tourist spot in Indonesia. Most of them are estuarine crocodiles. Though, you can also find other species. All of them are dangerous, so you shouldn’t be careless.

Learning types of crocodiles in Indonesia is worth the time. Just because they are wild and dangerous, doesn’t mean they are worthless. Some people consider them majestic and beautiful, in fact. These days, many tourists want to explore the different part of Indonesia. They want to see the habitat of different types of crocodiles. Though, safety comes first. A help of a crocodile handler is a must. This is going to be a challenging adventure. What do you think?

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