An Uncommon Trip to Putri Cave in South Sumatra

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tourist spot in Indonesia - Putri Cave in Baturaja

tourist spot in Indonesia – Putri Cave in Baturaja

When it comes to a tourist spot in Indonesia, there are many choices in South Sumatra. One thing, the province consists of mountainous area and it;s quite fertile. The capital city of the province is Palembang. It has a famous traditional food. The name is Empek-Empek. There’s a well-known landmark in South Sumatra. It’s the Ampera Bridge. So, what is about the tourism? You have many options. One of them is Goa Putri. The other name is Princess Cave. It’s popular both with foreigners and local visitors.


Exploring the Cave

As one of the most famous tourist destinations in South Sumatra, Goa Putri attracts more visitors over time. It’s situated in near to Baturaja. If you come from Palembang, you should take at least 320 km. What is in the cave? You can find both stalagmites and stalactites. Not to mention there’s also a pool. The water from Sumuhun river comes into the cave. In terms of size, the cave is indeed wide. The length is more than 150 meters. Inside the cave, there’s a huge stone. Some visitors often rest and sleep on it.

tourist spot in Indonesia - Putri Cave in Baturaja

Many visitors came out of the Putri cave down the rocky hill to reach the parking lot

As an interesting tourist spot in Indonesia, Goa Putri is always crowded. The entrance fee is quite affordable. It’s around 10,000-15,000 IDR. The parking fee is a little bit pricey, though. The exact location of the cave is in Padang Windu Village. Remember, the surface of the cave can be quite slippery. Visitors need to wear proper shoes in order to prevent any accidents. A local guide will help you explore the cave. Thanks to his help. You can rest assured during the trip.

If you take a look at the ceiling, you may find lots of bats. Usually, they will fly away when you disturb them with either noises or lights. You can ask the guide regarding the legend of this cave. He may tell you about it. Most of the tourists want to explore the cave. No worries. You can do it as well. It doesn’t even require a skill. Don’t be careless, though. The cave floor is slippery sometimes.


Things to Know

The guide will be your navigator. He will be your guidance once you enter and exit the cave. Actually, there’s lighting along the route. However, it isn’t quite sufficient. The cave is basically dark. Without proper visions, you should watch your steps. Since there are many bats living inside the cave, you may expect to smell their dropping. Overall, it’s a worthy adventure. You can’t feel this challenge from other parts of the world. Goa Putri is indeed worth your time.

In summary, Goa Putri becomes one of South Sumatra’s pride. It’s a worthy tourist spot in Indonesia. Before visiting the cave, you must gather some information first. For instance, you need to find a good place to stay in Baturaja. If you want to spend a long vacation, you should have the list of good hotels in South Sumatra. Beware of the weather too. Don’t forget to bring enough money. You may need to pay some services and accommodations later.

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