The Undisclosed Splendor of Riau Province – Limbungan Lake

go Indonesia - Limbungan Lake

go Indonesia – Limbungan Lake

Since there are many vacation destinations, it’s hard to choose one. Do you want to go Indonesia? It’s a great choice. If you are looking for a different experience of vacation, you can choose Riau Province. It’s one of the best provinces of the country. It’s also popular for its tourism. Due to its strategic location, Riau has more visitors over time. Thanks to its richness in natural resources, the province becomes one of the wealthiest regions in Indonesia. It has abundant palm oil, rubber, and natural gas. Many manufacturers work in the logging industry. It’s because Riau is surrounded by forests. What’s more?


Spending a Vacation in a Peaceful Location

If you look a peaceful place for a vacation, you can visit Limbungan Lake. It’s one of the best destinations in Riau Province. At the first time, the lake wasn’t popular among tourists. It was the source of irrigation. Due to beautiful scenery, more people come to this location. Today, the local government makes it as one of vacation destinations in Riau. It’s surrounded by astonishing scenery. It’s a good place to relax and feel the nature tranquility. The most crowded time is during the holiday. There are also more people on Sunday. What makes it more interesting than other lakes?

There are many reasons to go Indonesia. Riau Province is one of them. As mentioned earlier, Limbungan Lake is top priority tourism in this province. It has amazing scenery and fresh air. It will be a relaxing holiday both for you and your family. There are many things to do here. For example, you can rent a boat to get around the lake. Water tourism can’t be as much exciting as this. How can you get there? The lake is situated in Limbungan village. You need to go to Pekanbaru to reach the village. It’s about 15 km away from the city.


Lots of Things to Do in Limbungan

Just because you are going to enjoy nature tourism doesn’t mean you can’t find good facilities around the lake. There are supporting accommodations like the water cycle, eateries, playground, boats, resorts, performance stages, etc. Thanks to its strategic layout. Visitors can easily find public transportation services, too. Most of the tourists visit Lake Limbungan for its natural beauty. They want to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable vacation. There’s even a racetrack near to the lake. You are able to rent a motorcycle here. Dare to ride it for a race? Your kids will definitely love it. Don’t forget to bring more cash.

Before visiting Riau Province, it’s recommended to find the best time to visit Indonesia. That means you must pay attention to the weather. October is the best month. There’s less rainfall. If you are going to swim, you need to pay attention to the water conditions. Some local people prevent you from swimming. You should obey them. When riding a motorized boat on the lake, you must wear a life jacket. In the end, you won’t regret visiting Limbungan Lake. In the past, it was only a dam. Today, it attracts many visitors daily. What about you? Do you like to go Indonesia now?

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