An Unforgettable Travel to Bintan Indonesia

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Bintan Indonesia

Bintan Indonesia

There is a small island in near to Singapore. The name is Bintan Island. It is actually part of Riau Archipelago, Indonesia. Tourists only need to ride a boat from Singapore to this island. The most famous tourist spot is situated in the north part of Lagoi area. Most visitors come here to play golf. There are many golf courses available. Not to mention tourists can enjoy water sports and visit unspoiled beaches. In the south part of the island, there is Tanjung Pinang. It is suitable for those who love a history.

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About Bintan Indonesia

Bintan Indonesia is a worthy vacation destination. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous options of vacation spot. There is a notorious town called Tanjung Pinang. The thing is it had a bad reputation back then. This town was a place for gambling and prostitution. Today, it is only a simple town in Bintan. Local government had prohibited those devilish practices. The aim is to rebuild its reputation as one of the best tourist destination in Bintan. Tanjung Pinang is famous for its local market.

Bintan Indonesia

Bintan Island

The next destination is Maitri Graha. It is actually a Chinese temple. It is the place to worship the Goddess of Mercy. The temple is situated in the midst of a vast garden. A solemn ambiance and a beautiful garden attract more visitors over time. Tourists can take some lovely pictures in this area. What is next? There are many beautiful beaches in Bintan. All of them are both relaxing and attractive. Do you want a more challenging activity? There is a trekking tour in Mount Bintan. Make sure that you hire a tour guide. He or she will help you to prepare.


Bintan Indonesia Offers Lots of Attractions

Another interesting spot is the floating village. As the name suggests, the village is located near to the sea. Even though there aren’t many things to enjoy, visitors can witness local people in this area. They live in a hard environment. Since the road is small, you can either walk or ride a bike to reach the village. It is a good place to see how hard a life can be. You must be grateful for what you have.

So, you are going to Bintan Indonesia in the near future. You need to get detailed information on tourist destinations, hotels, visas, and other important things. There are some visa-free points in Bintan. These include Sri Bintan Pura, Bandar Bentan Telani, and Lobam. Commonly, you can stay for a week. The price varies so you need to get more information first. Some tourist agencies can give you thorough info about Bintan tour. They also offer some discounts.

The best time to visit Bintan Indonesia is during summer. The weather is nice so you can enjoy beach activities. Today, Bintan Island becomes a good destination location for visitors. It is suitable for a family vacation, a group tour, and much more. The island provides both historical value and beautiful sites. It is also near to Singapore. In fact, it only takes a short boat trip to reach Bintan Island from such country. Are you ready to go now?

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