Unharmed Beauty of Saronde Island in Gorontalo

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Indonesia visit - Saronde Island

Indonesia visit – Saronde Island (credit for www.sarondeislands.com)

Are you going to conduct an Indonesia visit in the near future? The most important preparation is the tourism destination. Fortunately, the country offers lots of options. Here’s an idea. Gorontalo province should be your next vacation destination. Where is it? It’s actually a famous destination in North Sulawesi. It’s an independent province, after all. The name comes from Hulongtalangio. It’s the name of the local tribe living in this area. The richness of culture makes Gorontalo famous. It’s an interesting place both for tourists and anthropologists. Gorontalo traditional language is also unique. There are many tourism objects in Gorontalo. One of them is Saronde Island. It’s worth a visit, for sure.

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What Makes the Saronde Island Popular?

Recently, many tourists talk about visiting Saronde Island. It’s situated in the north part of Gorontalo. It’s near to Lampu Island. Actually, it belongs to Pontolo region. You can reach the island either from Lampu Island or Kuandang port. The trip will cost you 15 minutes. The island becomes a tourist destination since 30 years ago. At the first time, the name was Hulapa. The meaning is the bamboo plant. The beauty of the island has attracted many visitors. You can enjoy a soothing and white sandy beach with your family. Do you like swimming? Well, you are able to dive and snorkeling here.

Indonesia visit - Saronde Island

Indonesia visit – Saronde Island (credit for www.sarondeislands.com)

Enjoying the underwater scenery at Saronde Island is a good experience. It’s one of the reasons to conduct an Indonesia visit. The best location is in the east part of the island. Here you can witness beautiful sunrise and amazing natural sceneries. It’s also suitable for honeymooners. How many days are you going to stay on the island? Don’t forget to book a place to sleep. There’s a comfortable cottage available. However, you need to bring your own drinks and foods. The government hasn’t provided minimarkets and stores yet. It will be difficult to buy some stuff on the island.

Indonesia visit - Saronde Island for snorkling

Indonesia visit – Saronde Island for snorkling


Reaching the Island

The easiest way to reach the island is by air. You can ride an airplane to Gorontalo. Once you reach the airport, you must continue the trip to Kuandang port. Later, you are going to use a boat to cross the strait. The island is quite a virgin. It’s untouched. It’s a small piece of paradise. It offers beautiful aquatic life and amazing sceneries. Apart from these attractions, you can also enjoy the underwater reefs, lakes, history, and culture. There’s the local guide. Communicating with local people won’t be a problem.

Overall, Sorande Island in Gorontalo becomes a good reason to conduct an Indonesia visit. As a matter of fact, there’s only small amount of people on the island. It offers cultural and natural beauty. The water is clear and warm. It’s suitable for various water activities like water skiing, swimming, snorkeling, etc. Once you enjoy those fun activities, you can visit an annual performance. The name is Saronde Festival. Don’t forget to eat Gorontalo’s local foods, too. Before visiting the island, it’s better to know the climate. The best time to visit Indonesia and Gorontalo is between April-November.

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More pictures about Saronde Island from Xiro Drone Indonesia credit to : om Nadie Jn Al-fatah

Saronde Island

Saronde Island

Saronde Island

Saronde Island

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