Enjoy a Unique Experience in Krui Lampung – Marlin Fishing

Marlin Fishing

Blue Marlin Fishing at Krui Lampung (Source kidnesia .com)

Krui is a famous region in Lampung. It is located near to coastal area. No wonder, most tourists come here due to its marine tourism. Not to mention Krui is famous among foreigners. The access is also hassle-free. Thanks to the Seray Airport. So, what do tourists do in Krui? Usually, they want to surf at the beaches. However, many alternatives are available. These include Marlin fishing. The thing is Krui is famous for its Marlin. Even foreigners acknowledge it. Thus, many fishermen come to Krui often.

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Marlin Fishing in Krui

Some people say it is only a rumor. They don’t think Krui has such kind of fish. On the other hand, many people have enjoyed a wonderful experience. They were able to catch some Marlin fishes. In fact, there is a Marlin statue in the middle of the village. It becomes an iconic symbol in there. Actually, it isn’t a Marlin fish. Instead, it is the sailfish. Both of the have similarities, though. Local people call it “Ikan Tuhuk”. In order to catch the fish, fishermen need to reach the high sea.

Krui’s Marlin fish lives in mostly in the high seas. Thus, fishermen should use proper boat and equipment for fishing. The bigger is the scarier. Big Marlin fishes are quite aggressive. Not to mention they are able to jump high. Their nose is similar to a spear. It could be dangerous to human. Local fishermen need to go all out when it comes to catching Marlin fish. Does it mean the price is quite high in the market? No, it is not. It is considered affordable.


Marlin Fishing and Other Attractions

Tourists are able to experience a wonderful Marlin fish in Krui. Also, they can enjoy delicious grilled Marlin near to the beaches. Some alternatives are skewer, fried Marlin, and much more. The price of the dishes isn’t expensive. Everyone can afford it, for sure. There are some options of spices. Tourists can order either spicy or regular grilled fish. The best place to buy Marlin fish is indeed in Krui. It is because the price is more expensive in Bandar Lampung.

Some tourists decide to stay more than a month in Krui. They want to learn how to catch Marlin fish and enjoy local culinary. Some fishermen may teach them about Marlin fishing. It has become the main attraction in Krui, after all. Apart from that, tourists can also enjoy surfing activity. The beach is quite perfect for both water sports and relaxing. Furthermore, local people are available for help. They are friendly so tourists can approach them easily.


How to Get to Krui

 It takes much time to reach Krui. If you come from Bandar Lampung, you need to conduct a 200-km trip. It can either pass through Kota Agung or Liwa. The approximate time to reach Krui from Bandar Lampung is 6 hours. It depends on the traffic, as well. You can either use a rented car or public transports. Make sure that you have prepared enough cash for it. When it comes to accommodations, Krui offers various places to stay.

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