A Unique Musical Instrument – Angklung

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Indonesia is a rich country. Not only is has many islands, but it also has distinct cultures. Moreover, there are numerous unique musical instruments. Angklung is one of them. This musical instrument is made of bamboo. It makes an exceptional sound when player shakes it well. The sound comes from the impact of the bamboos. Thus, this instrument is considered as idiophone musical tool. If you want to find this majestic item, you should go to West Java. It originates from such region. Today, it also becomes one of the world’s heritages. UNESCO has approved it.

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About Angklung

Actually, angklung belongs to Sunda culture. According to experts, it has been around in Indonesia before the Hinduism culture. Not only it is available in Java, but it is also available in other islands like Kalimantan and Sumatra. In the past, people use angklung for numerous events. It was often used for worshipping the Goddess of fertility. Sundanese asked for abundant harvest by playing beautiful music using angklung. It was done for the Dewi Sri. Apart from that, it was played for boosting morale before a war.

In Indonesia, there is the oldest angklung. The name is Gubrag. The government takes a good care of it. This instrument was made in the 17th century. It was in Jasinga, Bogor. Today, tourists can witness this ancient instrument in Sri Baduga Museum, Bandung. There are also other ancient instruments in such museum. If you want to see the oldest angklung culture, you should go to Baduy in Lebak, Banten. These people still use such instrument for worshipping the Goddess of fertility.

The most famous type of angklung is Kanekes. It is used by Baduy people. As mentioned earlier, this society considers the instrument as the part of their life. Next, there is Dogdog Lojor. It is quite common in Pancer Pangawinan. Do you want more? There is Badeng. Actually, it is a kind of art performance. It uses angklung as its primary instrument. Padaeng is also popular. The inventor was Daeng Soetigna. Today, it has been used by many people from different regions.


How to Play Angklung

So, are you interested in playing it? It is easy, after all. You only need to learn the techniques. Hold it on the body. Next, you only need to shake it simultaneously. This way, you can produce beautiful sound combination. There are different techniques, though. The most common technique is Kerulung. It is a shaking method. The other techniques are Cetok and Tengkep. You can learn more about these skills from sources like teachers or books.

If you want to master some techniques, you must find a good teacher. After all, you can’t learn merely from a textbook. A practice is also compulsory. In some cases, you need to join a class. This helps you develop some skills and experiences. Once you are confident enough, you can start performing in front of public. Indonesia angklung is a unique item, so you can consider buying it. In fact, it makes a good ornament for your house.

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