The Uniqueness of Sumatra Coffee Beans

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Sumatra Coffee Beans

Sumatra Coffee Beans

Many countries have recognized the quality of Sumatra coffee beans. There’s the uniqueness in the coffee. Sumatra Island has a perfect condition to grow Arabica coffee. Local farmers have a distinct processing method. They call it wet hulling. As the result, the coffee beans have good characteristics. Many experts consider Sumatra coffee as a superior product. Even though not all Sumatran coffee is wet-hulled, many farmers have used such technique recently. Wet hulling involves some important steps. Farmers leave the skinned coffee beans in woven bags. Then the fermentation begins.


Sumatra Coffee Characteristics

 Sumatra Island has a wet climate. Due to this reason, the farmers need to conduct 3 drying stages for the coffee beans. They make sure that the moisture doesn’t come below 10%. Overall, the unique characteristics of Sumatran coffee come from wet hulling. This produces unspoiled coffee aroma and flavors. Apart from the enchanting aroma, the coffee also has a full body. Not to mention it doesn’t contain much acid. The flavors are moss and wild. It’s popular among domestic and foreign people.

The farmers also apply various processing methods. Some of them even use a traditional hulling machine. It often results in darker beans. The taste becomes richer, though. Sumatran coffee is a worthy beverage. You must try it once. Even though each of you has a different coffee preference, Sumatran coffee will be a unique variation. It gives a new experience for coffee lovers. Tourists often come to Sumatra as they want to see the processing procedure of Sumatran coffee beans. What about you?


Visiting Sumatra Coffee Beans Plantation

Lampung province is famous for its Sumatra coffee production. The center of production is in Liwa. The most popular product is Robusta coffee. It has different flavors. The aroma depends on the geographic location of the plantation, actually. Once you reach Liwa, you can smell enchanting coffee aura. Many tourists look for areca and ginseng coffee in Liwa. You must try these products as well. If you look for Sumatran Luwak coffee, you need to visit Danau Ranau plantations.

The next destination is in Lahat city. It’s located in the South part of Sumatra. Local people consider coffee as the part of their culture. However, local farmers don’t have ample processing equipment. They often send the coffee beans to the nearest cities. The aim is to increase the quality of the beans. There’s also Pagar Alam coffee. It’s situated in Gunung Dempo. Once you reach the location, you are able to find lots of coffee plantations nearby. Usually, farmers send their coffee beans to Lampung for further processing.

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Empat Lawang coffee is also famous in Sumatra. The prime commodity of this region is coffee. There’s a unique blend between Robusta and Arabica flavor. Overall, Sumatran coffee beans are unique. You must try the original products. Even though you can find it in your country, the flavor isn’t original. It’s fun. You can explore Sumatra for its tourist spots while visiting some coffee plantations in Lampung, Liwa, and Empat Lawang. What a wonderful idea to spend a vacation!

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