An Unparalleled Beauty of Ora Beach in Maluku

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You must start looking for Indonesia vacation packages right away. This country won’t disappoint you. You can find various tourist destinations here. These include Maluku province. Maluku consists of islands and mountains. That means you can enjoy numerous vacation spots here. Thanks to the climate. Your summer trip won’t be inadequate. Most tourists want to visit Ora Beach in Maluku. This should be your choice, as well. The beach offers more than a beauty. It may give you an amazing vacation experience. It’s situated on Seram Island. Perhaps it’s a little piece of paradise. You shouldn’t dispute its charm, for sure.

Indonesia vacation packages ora beach

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A Piece of Heaven in Maluku

Due to its beauty, Ora Beach attracts both locals and foreigners. If you want to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, this beach is suitable for you. It also comes with the natural scenery. It’s another proof for you that Indonesia has lots of lovely beaches. As far as you can see, the beauty is on the same level other astonishing shores all over the world. It’s positioned in a small village. The name is Saleman. In this village, you may find a resort that offers 6 comfy cottages. That means you can rest here with your families. The question is what you can do on the beach.

Some tourists visit Ora beach for relaxing. They want to enjoy the charm of the beach. What about you? You can relax in this peaceful place while witnessing marine life. It’s because the water is quite clear. You are able to see the fishes swimming freely. Are you ready to search for Indonesia vacation packages now? The beach is situated in a secluded location. It’s a perfect place to find inner peace. You can stay away from the crowds and busy life. Here, you may find calmness and comfort. It also fits newlyweds or couples. That means honeymooners will be satisfied visiting the beach.


Visiting Ora Beach

To get to the beach, you can start from Port Tulehu. If you are foreigners, your first destination is Ambon Pattimura Airport. Once you reach the port, you can ride a fast boat to Port Masohi. Don’t forget to pay for the transportation. The trip will take about 2 hours. After you reach Port Amahai, you must take public transportation. It takes no more than 3 hours. The goal is Sawai village. In order to go to reach Ora beach, you must use a boat from such village. It takes approximately 10 minutes. This won’t be a long trip.

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Transportation is an important matter when it comes to Indonesia vacation packages. You can’t ignore it. Some tourists have problems when it’s about the transportation. Since Ora beach is a secluded place, you won’t find many people around. It’s a perfect place to get rid of stresses. If you don’t want to get lonely, you can bring your families or friends. Don’t forget to choose the best clothes during the vacation. At least, you need to bring swimsuits. It’s hard to refuse the tempting of swimming. There are some cottages here. That means you can rest whenever you get tired.

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