An Unseen Tropical Beauty – Misool Island

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misool island

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Not all people know about Misool Island. It’s a tropical island in Raja Ampat Papua. Some tourists recognize it as a wonderful dive destination. It’s actually the part of West Papua province. Misool Island is situated in the west part of Papua Island. It’s near to Seram Sea. You can see whales and other majestic sea creatures in the ocean. The water is clear and the views are spectacular. Like the nearby islands in Raja Ampat, Misool has various ornamental fishes and corals. Divers indeed like this environment.

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The Nature Attractions in Misool Island

 What about the land? Misool Island isn’t only about marine life. Most of the island is covered by forest. Once you reach the island, you can see mangrove swamps and thick forests. There are also limestone pinnacles around the island. These are calming views, for sure. Most visitors want to enjoy the beauty of Misool beaches. These coastlines have astonishing white sand. You can also see many coconut trees nearby. Plus, those beaches have turquoise waters. Both honeymooners and families will have a great vacation in Misool.

Aside from the beautiful marine life, there are also some traditional cultural sites. Misool is also famous for its petroglyphs. You can find it on caves and walls. Those things have been there since thousands of years ago. Don’t forget to bring a camera. You should interesting pictures in Misool. So, how can you get to the island? The first destination is Sorong Airport. Once you reach West Papua, you need to take a speedboat. The boat will depart in the morning.

A boat trip to Misool Island may take up to 5 hours. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way. The cost isn’t too expensive as well. You can even pick your boat. There are many types available. These include local boats, long boats, and speed boats. Once you reach Misool Island, you can start your adventure. Most of the tourists take advantage of local guides. They don’t want to get lost. The tour is always available. You may ride a pinisi boat to explore the island. There are some local guest houses as well.


Several Things to Do in Misool

What can you do in Misool Island? There are many things to do. First, you can swim around. The other activities are scuba diving, sunbathing, boats trip, snorkeling, etc. The island is also famous for its dive spots. Many international divers visit Misool every day. Since there are many dive destinations, you must pick the right one. It takes too much time to try them all. The underwater beauty of the oceans remains unspoiled for decades.

Misool Island also has many villages. You visit them all. It’s an opportunity to learn local culture. Not to mention there are some mangroves and local animals. You can also find numerous species of birds. What about the accommodation? No worries. Misool Island offers lots of facilities and accommodations. There are many hotels regardless of the class. That means the price varies as well. You can pick the best one based on your budget. The price is nice. You won’t get disappointed.

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