Vacation at Laras Temple in South Kalimantan

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Indonesia holidays - Laras Temple in South Kalimantan

Laras Temple in South Kalimantan

Feel the Solemn Vacation at Laras Temple in South Kalimantan

Indonesia holidays may give you amazing memories. Have you ever visited this country? No worries. You won’t be bored. Since there are many provinces, you can choose one that attracts you the most. For instance, there’s South Kalimantan. It’s also called South Borneo. The name of the capital city is Banjarmasin. The Banjar tribe never fails to amuse visitors. In the west part of the province, you can find Central Borneo. If you go to the east, you may find Makassar Strait.

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What is Laras Temple?

The southern part of Banjarmasin consists of many rivers. The land is so fertile there. There’s a solemn tourist place. It’s Laras Temple. Even though it’s a small temple, it’s a good tourist spot. The temple is located in Tapin Regency. The most noticeable things are the statues. In the past, people found Lingga, Lembu Nandini, and some other statues in this temple. You can see them in Mangkurat Museum. Laras Temple has an interesting history. King Raden Panji Sari Kaburangan owned this temple. However, it’s ruined to natural disasters.

As the part of your Indonesia holidays, Laras Temple offers many attractions. You can even find Dipangkara near to the temple. It’s actually a Buddha statue. The temple was built during the reign of Sriwijaya Kingdom. People say that it’s older than Agung Temple. If you come from Rantau, you need to spend no less than 30 km to visit Tapin. It takes longer if you come from Banjarmasin. The temple is surrounded by natural beauty. This includes the rice fields. Do you think that it can be one of the best Indonesia holidays?


It’s an Unusual Journey

Even though Laras Temple isn’t situated in a strategic location, it remains popular. More tourists want to spend a vacation there. As a visitor, you must respect the temple. First of all, you must be clean. It’s how you respect the site. Needless to say, you must not litter. Just because there’s no guard, doesn’t mean you can do something disrespectful. Temples are a sacred place. Laras Temple isn’t an exception. Still, you are allowed to bring a digital camera.

Some of you might wonder about the transportation. Basically, it isn’t difficult to reach the temple. The first step is to take a river bus. You can start from Banjarmasin. The destination is Tapin. Next, you must use a canoe. It takes about 1-2 km. It’s true that there’s no road to reach the temple. The only way is by riding a boat and river bus. No worries. It will be your unforgettable journey. Your partner and families would love to spend a vacation with you. Are you ready to go?


Don’t Ever Miss It

In summary, South Kalimantan offers many unique attractions for tourists. Even though it doesn’t have as many facilities as other provinces, you can still enjoy the vacation. Laras Temple is one of the best tourist destinations of the province. It’s situated in Tapin. Once you enjoy a beautiful day in Banjarmasin, Laras Temple is your next checkpoint. Indonesia holidays are for everyone. Regardless of the purposes to visit Banjarmasin, you should never miss the temple. Enjoy the real nature and history of Banjar people!

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