Palembang Vacation – What Should You Do !

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Palembang Vacation - Ampera Bridge

Palembang Vacation – Ampera Bridge

What Should You Do during a Vacation in Palembang City?

South Sumatra is a part of beautiful Indonesia. The name of its capital is Palembang city. It’s also one of the biggest provinces in Sumatra Island. The most famous landmark is the Ampera Bridge. In the past, Palembang was the center of Sriwijaya Kingdom. It was one of the biggest kingdoms in Southeast Asia. Apart from its history, the city is also famous for its tourism. You won’t get disappointed to spend a vacation in Palembang. So, what are attractions?


Songket Tanggo Buntung Craft Center

Do you like creative items? Palembang city has one of the best Songket fabrics in Indonesia. Local people say that the technique came had been used since the reign of Sriwijaya Kingdom. The materials came from India. There was also silk fabric. It came from China. Songket is actually a luxurious fabric. People of Palembang only wear it during special events. It includes wedding events. If you visit the city, you should miss the Songket Tanggo Buntung craft center. It’s situated in Ilir Barat.


Eating Traditional Food

Empek-Empek Pelembang


Palembang city is indeed a beautiful Indonesia tourism vacation. Apart from its nature and craft, the city also offers delicious traditional food. The name is Empek-Empek.

Where can you get it? Fortunately, you can find numerous places that sell such delicious food. You are able to choose either cheap or pricey Empek-Empek. Vico, Beringin, Candy, and Dempo are some of the best brands. Each of them is unique. Different people have distinct preferences, after all. Empek-Empek is the food that you can’t get in other places than Indonesia.



Playing at Amanzi Waterpark

Once you eat the traditional food of Palembang, the next vacation destination is Amanzi Waterpark. Needless to say, Indonesia is a tropical country. The heat will make your vacation uncomfortable. Palembang isn’t the exception. In order to deal with this issue, you must find a good place to get refreshed. Amanzi Waterpark is the choice. It’s located in Tembus Alang-Alang Street. You are able to play different types of water activities here. Your kids will love this place so much.


Balaputra Dewa Museum

Do you want to learn historical items of the city? There’s Balaputra Dewa museum. It’s located in Srijaya Street. Once you enter the museum, you can see numerous prehistoric items. The building consists of 3 exhibition area. They are the Malaka gallery, a special exhibition room, and an auditorium.  Behind the second gallery, you can find some prehistoric statues from the Sriwijaya Kingdom. Behind the first gallery, there’s the traditional Palembang house. The name is Limas. Overall, you and your family can learn many things about the city from such museum.

In summary, Palembang city is a beautiful Indonesia vacation destination. It offers amazing natural beauty, delicious food, and interesting culture. Once you get there, there are many places to explore. Don’t forget to look for information such as hotel, transportation, weather, costs, and others. In some cases, you also need a local guide. He can help you find lots of tourist attractions in Palembang city. As long as you bring enough money, your vacation is stress-free.

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