Witnessing Various Tropical Animals in Ragunan Zoo

Witnessing Various Tropical Animals in Ragunan Zoo Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. If you are visiting this city, you need a tour guide Indonesia. Not only it becomes the center of government, Jakarta also has many interesting tourist spots. It doesn’t only offer beautiful nature. For instance, there’s a famous Ragunan Zoo in Jakarta. Apart from being a metropolis, the city becomes a center of attraction among visitors. For foreigners, the first destination is the Soekarno-Hatta airport. Next, you should find a good hotel near to your tourist destinations. There are different communities in Jakarta. That means you can see numerous cultures, too. What about the zoo?

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A Renowned Zoo in Jakarta

Ragunan Zoo is one of the most popular tourist spots in Jakarta. Many tourists visit this place during the holidays. The zoo is situated in the south part of Jakarta. Here you can find local animals like anoa, wild ox, Komodo dragon, and many others. Ragunan is both entertaining and educating. It’s perfect for your family. The kids will be happy seeing unique animals with you. The zoo was built by Dutch organization. Due to the expansion, the zoo is able to display more than 500 different species of animals and plants. There are also rare animals like Komodo lizard and Sumatran tiger.

tour guide Indonesia - Ragunan Zoo - Sumatran Tiger

Ragunan Zoo – Sumatran Tiger

Before visiting Ragunan Zoo, you must make sure to gather ample information. If needed, you must look for a tour guide Indonesia. The first thing to know is the open time. The zoo is always crowded during the holidays. It’s a luxurious and big zoo, after all. Fortunately, it opens every day. You can come at 8 in the morning. The zoo closes at 6 in the afternoon. If you want to avoid the crowds, you must come during weekdays. Needless to say, Sunday is the worst time to come here. There will be many visitors. Some of you like the crowd, though.


The Zoo Opens for Everyone

The world recognizes Ragunan as one of the largest zoos in the world. It’s an ideal spot for a family vacation. It’s the best for picnics. There are some extra facilities during holidays and Sunday. For instance, there are animal rides. These include camel ride, elephant ride, etc. If you are hungry, there are small eateries in the zoo. The price is a little bit expensive, though. Foreign visitors should pay more than locals. There are also local photographers. You can rent them. If you bring your own camera, you don’t need their service. So, how can you get there?

From your hotel, you can get to Ragunan Zoo by public transportation. The most common one is Trans Jakarta Busway. There are other options like ojek, taxi, buses, etc. At least, you need to browse a tour guide Indonesia prior to visiting the zoo. There are many other places to visit near to that location. Don’t forget to bring enough money. It’s for the admission and transportation fee. Not to mention you may spend some money on foods and handicraft. Another important thing is the weather. Don’t visit Ragunan Zoo during the rainy season.

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