A Vintage City in Indonesia – Gorontalo Province

Many historical events happened in Indonesia. Each of its provinces has unique stories indeed. If you look for meaningful holidays in Indonesia, you must visit Gorontalo province. Some tourists call it as a vintage city. The town also offers unique culture for visitors. You can see distinct dance, tradition, legend, and music. Local people in Gorontalo are quite friendly. You can meddle with them easily. The city is famous of its souvenir. It’s called Krawang Embroidery. There’s also a famous statue here. It’s Nani Wartabone monument. You can take a picture in front of this exceptional monument. What’s more? Keep reading.

About Nani Wartabone Monument

Gorontalo is a nice province. You must put it on your vacation list. Journey to and from this city is stress-free. The bus is the most common land transportation. If you want to go by passenger ships, you need to ride a ferry ship directly in the port. You can also visit Gorontalo by air. There is public transportation available. You can rest assured. The most famous spot is Nani Wartabone monument. It was constructed in 1987. It’s situated at Village Biawu. In front of the monument, you may find the office of the Gorontalo province governor. What’s the story behind it?

Holidays in Indonesia-Nani Wartabone Monument

Holidays in Indonesia-Nani Wartabone Monument

Nani Wartabone becomes a symbol of the patriotic struggle of Gorontalo people. It represents the soul of Gorontalo warriors. The monument was built to honor the crusade against Dutch colonization. With unique strategies, these people were able to deal with the invaders. The climax was on 1942. Indonesia freed Gorontalo from Dutch colonialism’s control. The monument shows such kind of patriotism. Today, there are many tourists visiting Gorontalo. They want to see this famous monument. It can be one of your best holidays in Indonesia. There’s no charge to see Nani wartabone monument. All visitors are able to see this statue for free.

Other Activities in Gorontalo

If you have decided to spend several days in Gorontalo, you need to find a hotel. No worries. Foreigners can easily find an array of hotel choices in Gorontalo. You only need to suit your budget. Apart from hotels, you can also find some eateries around the town. It’s easy to find delicious local foods, as well. There are numerous options of menus ranging from traditional to international food. Aside from Nani Wartabone monument, you can do other things like drift diving. Overall, there’s no limit on what you can do here. Make sure that you find a reliable local guide. He or she can help you get around the town.

In summary, Gorontalo represents lots of cultural histories. Nani Wartabone statue is one of them. Your holidays in Indonesia are incomplete without it. Each province has a unique local belief. You must adapt to their behaviors once you reach Gorontalo. No worries. They are all kind of visitors. Mostly, government offices are ready to serve from 8-4 p.m. You can ask for information regarding your issues in this city. As an alternative, you can visit local tourist agents. They can help you explore Gorontalo in a more comfortable manner.

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