Visiting the Best Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots

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Best Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots

Best Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots

Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots is the is a phrase that exists in the minds of the tourists during a visit to Bali. Just because Bali Island is a small part of Indonesia, doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy to visit. There are some small islands nearby like Nusa Ceningan, Lembongan, and Nusa Penida. The capital city of Bali is Denpasar. Hindu is the most dominant religion in Bali. Thus, there are many temples around the island. The popularity of Bali Island is indeed unmatched. There are just too many tourist places available. It’s also popular due to its arts, music, painting, and dances. If you are visiting Bali, there are some interesting tourist spots to visit.

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10 Places Must Be Visited As The Best Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots

  1. Kuta Beach
Best Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots

Best Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots – Sunset on Kuta Beach

One of the best tourist spots in Bali is Kuta beach. It’s the place to conduct a party. There’s a lively scene in Kuta. It’s your opportunity to socialize with other tourists. There’s a party at night. There are numerous pubs and cafes nearby. Hard Rock café is one of them. If you want to play water sports, you must come at morning or noon. Have you ever received a massage at the beach? Well, Kuta is the perfect place to try it. We have no doubt to recommend Kuta Beach as the best Bali Indonesia tourist spots.


  1. Tanah Lot Temple
Best Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots

Best Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots – Tanah Lot Temple

As mentioned earlier, Bali has lots of temples. Tanah Lot Temple is one of them. It’s actually a pilgrimage temple. You can feel the solemnity around the temple. Tanah Lot Temple represents Balinese culture and mythology. It’s located on an onshore site. That means you can relax at the nearby beach. There are also some interesting places like a cultural park, shops, restaurants, etc. If you come at the right time, you can enjoy dance performances. If you come from Kuta, you need to go northwest. It’s situated in Tabanan Regency.


  1. Ulun Danu Temple
Best Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots

Best Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots –  Ulun Danu Temple

If you go to Beratan Lake, there’s a majestic temple nearby. The name is Ulun Danu Temple. It’s actually a landmark of the temple. It’s the best holiday retreat for both domestic and foreign tourists. The lake makes a reflective surface. It creates a floating impression. The scenic backdrop indeed gives an amazing experience for visitors. The entrance fee is no more than 10,000 IDR for local visitors. For foreigners, it can be more expensive than that. The Beratan Lake is a compliment for the lake. You can do many various water sports in here.


  1. Watching Dolphin at Lovina Beach
Best Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots

Best Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots – Lovina Beach

When it comes to Bali vacation, you must never miss Lovina beach. It’s the perfect place to witness the beautiful sea creature like dolphins. Many tourists take some pictures of the dolphin while enjoying a boat trip. Don’t come during peak season. It can be quite crowded with families and other tourists. Many dolphins jump around the ocean. They make a good attraction for tourists. There are some cafes nearby. You can chill out at night while enjoying live music.


  1. Nusa Dua Beach


If you want to relax, Nusa Dua beach should be your destination. It’s actually a private beach. However, you must spend more money to enjoy a good time in Nusa Dua. The resorts and hotels do cost you lots of money. Still, it’s worth the money. You can view beautiful beaches and solemn atmosphere. It’s a perfect destination for honeymooners. It’s also suitable for a family vacation. The main reason to visit Nusa Dua beach is its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Are you ready to go Nusa Dua Beach as one of best Bali Indonesia tourist spots?


  1. Ayana Bar

A nice place for relaxing at night is Ayana Bar. You can enjoy numerous drinks at this cliff bar. Foreigners consider it as the best bar in Bali Island. While enjoying good drinks, you can witness the beautiful sea below. You can chill out with either a family or friends. The nearest interesting places are Ayana Resort and Spa. All of them are located in Jimbaran. If you have more money in your pocket, you can get VIP service at the bar.


  1. Mount Batur

For adventurers, Mount Batur is a compulsory tourist attraction to visit. It’s situated in Kintamani. Trekking and hiking are two popular activities in Mount Batur. Climbing 1700 meters of such mountain will be an amazing experience for you. It’s a great vacation for an active traveler which makes the reason for us to put the places as a part of the best Bali Indonesia tourist spots. First, it’s the sunrise hike. You must start your trip as early as possible. Mount trekking isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For beginners, it’s better to look for a guide first. It can be dangerous if you are too careless.


  1. Bali Pulina Agro Tourism

Do you know? Bali is also popular due to its coffee plantation. The best place to visit is Bali Pulina Agro Tourism. It offers a peaceful ambiance of nature. You are able to relax and enjoy a cup a coffee in this location. There are different types of tea and coffee to try. The best part is that you can try the most expensive coffee on the planet. It’s civet coffee. Local people call it Kopi Luwak. If you are a real coffee lover, you should never miss it.


  1. Uluwatu Temple
Indonesia Travel Guide – Uluwatu Temple Bali

Uluwatu Temple Bali

The other name is Pura Luhur. As the one of the best Bali Indonesia tourist spots, the temple is situated on the top of a limestone cliff. That means you can enjoy an amazing scene from the above. You can reach the temple by visiting Bukit Penisula. There are also some beaches nearby. For instance, there’s Balangan beach. It’s a good destination for surfing. Once you reach the temple, you may see a great designed structure. The building has been there since in the late 11th century. Most of the tourists enjoy a beautiful sunset from the temple. It’s indeed a wonderful vacation for everyone.


  1. Ubud
Best Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots

Best Bali Indonesia Tourist Spots – Ubud

There’s everything in Ubud. It’s a nice place to eat and relax. In fact, it’s the heart of Bali. It’s the place where people relax and enjoy a honeymoon. There are many nature attractions and tourist spots. If you like an adventure, you can join a bike tour. There’s also whitewater rafting. It’s suitable for adventurers. Once you enjoy those outdoor activities, you can relax at yoga and spa places. Not to mention there are some theaters and arts. There are also some local markets for shoppers.



There you go. Those are the best Bali Indonesia tourist spots. All of them are worth to visit. Each of tourist destinations in Bali offers a unique characteristic. You can choose your destination freely. It must suit your budget and preferences. Don’t forget to prepare everything. Not to mention you must find a good local guide. He will help you to reach those tourist spots in a safe manner.

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