Visiting Matano Lake in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

Matano Lake

Matano Lake

Indonesia is an ideal vacation destination for nature tourism. If you love lakes, there is a recommended spot in South Sulawesi. The name is Matano Lake. Such tectonic lake has become an interesting tourist lure in the island. The width is 8 km and the length is about 28 km. From Malili City, the distance is about 50 km. In terms of depth, the lake is about 590 meters. Here is the fact. Matano has chosen as the deepest lake in Southeast Asia. Even WWF has approved it.

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Physical Appearance of Matano Lake

In terms of beauty, it is similar to other lakes in Indonesia. The water is calm and cool. Due to its depth, it isn’t safe for swimming. On the other hand, tourists are allowed to explore it using a boat or canoe. It is the most popular activity in it, after all. In the horizon, you can see majestic hills and clouds! They make a great nuance. Some parts of the lake feature big rocks, so you can climb them enjoy the scenery from above.


Exploring Matano Lake

Matano Lake

According to history, the lake was formed due to tectonic activity. It happened during Pleosen era. Thus, Matano is considered as an ancient site. In fact, it is the oldest among nearby lakes in Sulawesi Island. The government has made it into a natural conservation, too. It opens for public, so everyone can visit the lake freely. Most of the visitors want to enjoy solemn nature and find peace there. No wonder, it becomes a significant tourist destination in Celebes.

Matano Lake also becomes the source of water for nearby villagers. The nearest settlement is Matano Village. The locals even built a pond to store clean water near to the lake. The size is 12 x 8 meters, actually.  Not to mention the lake becomes the source of electricity power. Vale Limited takes advantage of Larona River to generate electricity. It is because the river gets its force from Matano. This way, villagers can receive an abundant amount of power for daily uses.

It is a no brainer. Matano becomes a tourist lure, as well. It is ideal for a family recreation and other events. The water is warm and deep. One thing, you should avoid swimming in it. When it comes to faunas, there are numerous species of fish like Butini, Opudi, etc. You can also find several crabs and clams near to the lake! What about the floral things? There are many types of endemic plants, especially Hydriastele. All of them are quite unique! Make sure to explore all of them.


How to Get There

Here is the best thing about Matano Lake. The site is near to Soroako Airport. Thus, you can reach it easily regardless of your location. You can visit South Sulawesi either alone or with friends. For a more comfortable trip, you can hire a tour guide. This way, you won’t get lost. Don’t forget to bring more money, though. When it comes to accommodations, there are several options like:

  • Hotel Grand Mulia
  • Hotel Ildayana
  • Hotel Transisco
  • Matano Sunrise
  • Hotel Musafir
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