Visiting the Spice Islands and Its Otahana Fortress

tourism of Indonesia - Otahana Fortress

tourism of Indonesia – Otahana Fortress (source:

Lots of foreign tourists have been impressed with tourism of Indonesia. It’s because the country offers unique culture and beautiful nature. Maluku is one of the best destinations. The other name of the province is the Spice Islands. In the past, it became the prime source of cloves, nutmeg, and other spices. Many nations came to Maluku for its commodities. It’s because these spices weren’t available in other places. One of the motivations of European colonialism was the seasonings. Today, many visitors come to Maluku. It isn’t because of the spices. It’s because of the tourism. The charm of Maluku’s culture and tourism has attracted many tourists.


About Otahana Fortress

Even though it isn’t easy to get around in Maluku, you can find the best spots for a vacation. What you need is the patience. The option of tourism spot is limitless. Apart from the nature beauties, there are also historical places in this island. For instance, there’s Otahana Fortress. It’s a unique place to spend a vacation. The fortress was built to protect the island. Gorontalo Kings relied much on this stronghold in the past. It was made of plaster, sand, and Maleo egg. Visitors love to explore the stronghold. Thanks to the unique design and the story behind it.

tourism of Indonesia - Otahana Fortress

tourism of Indonesia – Otahana Fortress

What makes Otahana Fortress a famous tourism of Indonesia? As mentioned earlier, it’s the history. Also, visitors can enjoy the beautiful panorama from here. Danau Limboto is situated beneath the fortress. That means tourists can witness this view clearly. Otahana is located on the highland. It offers different sceneries from above. How can you reach the fortress, exactly? It’s situated in Kota Barat. If you come from Gorontalo city, you need to spend 8 km trip to Kota Barat. There are other strongholds in the same location. They are Ulupahu and Otahiya. All of them are situated on the hill. It will be a tiring trip.


The Best Time to Visit Maluku

Before visiting Otahana Fortress in Maluku, you must find out about the climate first. Basically, there are two seasons in Maluku. From December-March, the climate is dry. It will be rainy during May-October. If you come during the wet season, the stairs are slippery. That means you need to be careful when reaching the fortress. In the dry season, you are going to be quite thirsty. Don’t forget to bring more water. If you aren’t in good shape, you shouldn’t go up. The trip is tiring. It’s worth the effort, though. The panorama from the fortress is irreplaceable.

In summary, Maluku is a worthy vacation destination. It’s part of a beautiful tourism of Indonesia. At the first time, the island was famous due to its spices. Today, more visitors come due to tourist attractions. Otahana Fortress is the pride of Maluku people. The remoteness and the views are two plus points of this stronghold. Even though you need to spend a tiring trip, it’s worth your energy. You can relax and enjoy the panorama from above. It’s your unforgettable vacation. The fortress is accessible to be explored by everyone. What do you think?

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