Wae Rebo – A Solemn Village in Manggarai

Wae rebo

Mbaru Niang on Wae rebo village – Flores

A secluded village like Wae Rebo is a good place for a vacation. This old village is situated in Manggarai. It offers both peaceful and pleasant scenery. Tourists can enjoy the local housing in Wae. Are you interested? You can even experience local’s life in such village. The most interesting thing is the Mbaru Niang. What is it? It’s a cone-shaped traditional house of Wae. Its unique architecture has attracted many both domestic and foreign visitors. Indigenous people in Wae often conduct rituals and meetings. They also perform prayers together.


A Tiring Trip to Wae Rebo

Is it hard to reach the village? It requires hiking. It takes more than 2 hours. You should be in a good shape, though. Some of you consider it as a tiring activity. However, it’s worth the effort. You can witness the beauty of rainforest along the way to the village. Not to mention there is various biological diversity. There are palms, orchids, and various birds. It’s a valuable trip. Don’t forget to bring bottled water. You must make sure that you aren’t dehydrated.

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The Government of Indonesia supports Wae Rebo as one of tourism destinations in West Flores. Thanks to local community and professional architects. The Mbaru Niang has undergone several renovations. These traditional houses become more interesting for many. What makes the drum houses attractive? They have a unique structure. They have the shape of a cone. The heart is placed in the middle of the house. The roof is made of palm fiber. The wooden pole supports such massive roof perfectly.

There’s also the ceremonial house. It’s the place to store valuable and sacred items. It also becomes the place for rituals and ceremonies. The structure of the house symbolizes the clan harmony. There are sacred drums nearby. Local people use these items to connect to their ancestors. Most of the tourists come to Wae to see such beautiful traditional houses. They also want to feel the local’s life. So, are you visiting Wae in the near future? You can learn a unique culture in such village.


Enjoy the Local Life

Most of the Wae people are farmers. The village is also famous for its coffee. Some villagers also have a unique activity. It’s weaving. You may witness some beautiful songket clothes in Wae. At night, you should join the community for a dinner. They are friendly. You can even sleep in their Mbaru Niang. Don’t expect a comfortable bed in such traditional house. You may sleep on a tikar. This is how local people sleep. You can socialize with people in Wae freely.

Before visiting Wae, you must gather as much information as possible. It’s regarding the transportation, local guides, clothes, and money. Make sure that you don’t get lost. A local guide may help you to make a preparation. A camera is compulsory. It’s an opportunity to take authentic pictures of local people in Wae Rebo. Thanks to the government, Wae Rebo has gained more popularity in the past few years. It should be one of the best vacation destinations in Indonesia.

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