Do You Want to Learn Indonesian Lumpia Recipe?

Lumpia Recipe

Lumpia Recipe from West Java

There’s a delicious snack in Indonesia. The name is lumpia. Since it’s a famous food, many people start learning lumpia recipe. In a nutshell, it’s a kind of spring roll. It’s originated in China. Today, it becomes one of Indonesia’s best traditional foods. This crispy food contains both vegetables and meat. Lumpia comes in deep-fried and fresh form. It depends on buyers’ preferences. Each region of Indonesia has a different way to prepare lumpia. Thus, you need to be picky when it comes to learning the recipe.

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Lumpia Recipe in Indonesia

The wraps of lumpia are made of egg-based crepe. Some regions use lettuce instead.  The size of lumpia is usually 6 inches. It’s around 15 cm. In Indonesia, you can find different types of lumpia. Some of you may like wet lumpia. It contains shrimp, chicken meat, carrots, and bean sprouts. In terms of appearance, it’s similar to Vietnamese rolls. You can have it either in sweet or hot flavors. Semarang is the perfect city to buy this type of lumpia. The other contents are bamboo shoots and dried prawns. Do you like them?

Everyone can learn lumpia recipe. The preparation is easy. First, you need to get the wrappers. You can either buy or make them. Make sure that you have gathered all the ingredients. It’s a matter of personal. You can add or reduce the ingredients. Some people in Semarang are quite friendly. They may teach you how to make lumpia. The fact is that Semarang lumpia is the most famous variant of Indonesian lumpia. Many foreign visitors often buy lumpia as a souvenir.

Lumpia came from Chinese immigrants. The recipe was adapted by local people in different regions of Indonesia. Aside from Semarang lumpia, there are other variants. For instance, there’s Surabaya lumpia. In terms of ingredients, these are similar to Semarang lumpia. However, they taste less sweet. They are saltier and spicier than other types of lumpia. It’s suitable for those who love spicy foods. Seriously, you need to try them all.


Different Preferences of Lumpia Recipe

Fried lumpia becomes more popular recently. It’s smaller than wet lumpia. It undergoes the deep frying procedure. Most sellers promote it as a snack in public places like a train station, food stalls, etc. Sometimes, the sellers include mushroom within the fried lumpia. Wet lumpia is also popular. The other name is fresh lumpia. It’s bigger and more satisfying. However, it’s less crispy than fried lumpia. Another type is mini lumpia. As the name suggests, it’s the smallest among others. Usually, it’s filled with beef floss and dried prawns.

As one of the best Indonesian foods, lumpia has attracted many tourists worldwide. Semarang is the center of lumpia. More people come to such city to learn lumpia recipe. It’s a little bit complicated. You need to create a perfect wrapper. When it comes to the ingredients, you only need to pick what you like. Chicken meat and bamboo shoots are common options. Some people like to use prawns, though. In some regions, eggs are better. Are you ready to make your own lumpia?

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