Weekends in Amal Beach North Kalimantan

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vacation in Indonesia - Amal Beach

vacation in Indonesia – Amal Beach (Source: www.travyde.com)

Spending the Weekends in Amal Beach North Kalimantan

What is your favorite place for a vacation in Indonesia? Each of you has a unique preference, for sure. However, it seems hard to avoid the attraction of North Kalimantan. It’s situated in the northern part of Borneo Island. It’s also located near to the border of Malaysia. Even though it’s a young province of the country, it owns a distinct character. If you are looking for a nice vacation experience, you must visit Tarakan city. It’s the most recommended location for tourism. As a matter of fact, there are many tourist attractions here. One of the most famous places is Amal Beach.


Playing Around in Amal Beach

Amal Beach belongs to East Tarakan. It has another name, actually. It’s called Amal Tarakan. The beach has the brown sand. You must put it on your list of vacation. You should visit it one day. The best time to visit the beach is during the dry season. The coast scenery gives you a soothing experience. Many tourists come to this location during holidays and weekends. It’s the perfect spot for recreation. Don’t forget to come with your family or friend. Not only you can enjoy the beauty of the scenery, you can also do other activities. What about playing ball with friends? It’s fun indeed.

vacation in Indonesia - Amal Beach

vacation in Indonesia – Amal Beach (source: www.wisatakaltim.com)

Thanks to the local government. Amal Beach becomes a worthy vacation in Indonesia. The government keeps improving the facilities in such location. Tourists are able to explore the beach comfortably. Visitors are able to enjoy some water sport and other activities on the beach. There’s even the gazebo. You can relax here. Many tourists also enjoy both sunrise and sunset in this location. Once you enjoy your time in Amal Beach, you can continue your journey around Tarakan city. For example, there are Malinau, Sesayap, anda Kayan River. The local government focuses on the beach tourism, though.

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Reaching the Beach

The beach is reachable by either public or private vehicle. For foreigners, the first destination is Juata Tarakan airport. From here, you can use public transportation or taxi. The local vehicle will direct you to the Amal Beach. If you come from Tarakan city, it takes no more than 30 minutes. There are many people around. You won’t get lost. The taxi drivers are reliable. Just sit and relax inside the cab. You can reach the beach in no time. Some of you may prefer sea transportation. There are speedboats available. You must prepare much money, though.

So, are you visiting Amal Beach this year? It’s definitely become an interesting vacation in Indonesia. A vacation to the beach is suitable during the dry season. If you come to Tarakan during the rainy season, you won’t be able to enjoy it. It is uncomfortable to play on the beach under the rain, isn’t it? Most of you know nothing about Tarakan. In this case, you can rely on the local guide. They are always available for any visitors. They have both experience and knowledge of Tarakan tourism. Amal Beach isn’t the exception. One thing, you should bring lots of cash. You need the foods, a hotel, transportation, and other things during the vacation.

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