West Papua Indonesia And Asmat Tribe

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West Papua and Asmat Tribe

West Papua and Asmat Tribe

West Papua? .. What do you know about West Papua? It’s more than just a notorious gold mine Freeport. Holidays in Indonesia is related to Papua Island. It’s situated in the west part of Indonesia. The island is surrounded by tropical forests. There are also numerous natural wonders. What makes it special? There are many local animals like the bird of paradise. There’s another interesting thing about West Papua. It’s the tribe. Local tribe calls themselves as Asmat people. They live in the remote area around Agats.

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Things to Know about Asmat Tribe in West Papua

 When it is about Asmat tribe, they are famous for their woodwork. The primeval method of woodcarving has impressed many tourists. The Agats is a hidden area. It has been discovered recently by modern civilization. There’s a traditional museum in that place. It stores many unique objects, especially woodcarvings. Agats remains as an unspoiled area. It’s full of wilderness. Thanks to the United Nations. Asmat people are able to survive and retain their craftsmanship. Their art remains alive today. Tourists are able to enjoy it well.

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Agats becomes a good destination for Holidays in Indonesia. It’s located in the south part of West Papua. Most of the area consists of mangroves. There are also swamps. It’s a little bit difficult to explore the homeland of Asmat tribe. The local people have some ancestor figures. These are made to honor the Funer-ipits. It becomes an interesting festival for visitors these days. The woodcarving remains popular, though. It’s the specialty of Asmat tribe. Apart from the woodcarving, Asmat people are also famous for their cruelty.

There’s traditional belief among Asmat people. They believe that everything has a spirit. These include humans, plants, animals, or the environment. They also have a common believe that there’s another realm. It’s the spirit realm. They think that they must maintain a good balance between the two realms. The death and birth may balance the population. The spirits may determine death, hunger, and other misfortunes.


What about the Cannibalism?

West Papua and Asmat Tribe

There’s a notorious rumor about cannibalism. Is it true? Many people are afraid to conduct Holidays in Indonesia due to Asmat tribe of West Papua. They are known as head hunters. Many of them even use a human skull as a pillow. They also eat brains of animals. They also use a name of their killed prey. A kid in Asmat tribe has a task to kill a man from an enemy village. This is the only way to earn a name. Before bringing back the skull of their enemy, Asmat people should learn the name of their opponent.


Holidays in Indonesia can be as extreme as visiting Agats. Actually, Asmat people aren’t as scary as people may think. Most of the tourists admire Asmat’s woodcarving ability. The local people of Asmat believe that they come from the wood. For them, wood is quite holy. Asmat has a great skill in woodcarving. They are considered as the best artworks of the ancient times. Their works are quite astonishing. Their homeland is quite safe recently. There’s nothing like cannibalism. Tourists can explore Agats freely.

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