Spending a Wonderful Vacation in Wakatobi Dive Resort

Wakatobi Dive Resort

Wakatobi Dive Resort

If you look for a good reference for a vacation, there is Wakatobi dive resort. The locals call it Taman Nasional Wakatobi, actually. As the name implies, it is a famous nautical park in Indonesia. Tourists come to the location to witness numerous types of corals and fishes. The management tries hard to retain the natural beauty of such nature. Where is it? The location is in Wakatobi Regency, Southeast Sulawesi. For outsiders, it requires a flight to reach the location. In terms of size, it is about 1.4 million ha and it holds lots of natural sea beauties.

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About Wakatobi Dive Resort

Due to its beauty and popularity, lots of travelers decide to perform either snorkeling or diving in Wakatobi national park. Also, the depth of the water is various so you can pick one based on your experience and skills. Apart from being a tourist destination, it has become a spot for nautical research. Other countries also pay attention to it, in fact. If you are visiting Wakatobi, at least you need to learn several things. For instance, it is the major islands. They are Kaledupa, Binongko, Wangi-wangi, and Tomia. All of them are worth a visit, for sure.

The best attraction in Wakatobi dive resort is the corals. No wonder, diving becomes a prime activity there. You can find hundreds of types of corals in the water. Not to mention there are several caves located near to them. On top of that, they become the home of hundreds of species of fishes. What about other creatures? There are some unique animals like Eurasia Shrimp, turtles, cranes, etc. All of them are quite majestic and beautiful. Due to this reason, make sure to carry a good camera when visiting Wakatobi.

One of the lures in Wakatobi is the trip. Actually, there are many ways to reach the location. Most of the time, visitors take Bau-Bau and Lasalimu Route. During the trip, you may see lots of beautiful objects and serene views. All of them become your companions prior to conducting a Wakatobi dive trip. When it comes to transportation, you should take a car or similar vehicles. It is the best choice as it gives both comfort and efficacy. Later, you may reach the most important checkpoint which is Wangi-Wangi Island.


Getting Closer to Wakatobi Dive Resort

In the checkpoint, you can find many types of resorts and facilities. These are a perfect place to rest and prepare everything. In a nutshell, the island becomes a primary gate of Wakatobi national park. Apart from Wangi-Wangi, there are other important islands such as Hoga and Kaledupa. Both of them have lured lots of visitors recently. If you come during weekends or holidays, you may meet lots of visitors. They come from different locations, as well.

Once you reach Wakatobi dive resort, it is time to prepare your equipment. For beginners, it is better to come with an instructor. He or she may help you to explore the dive site professionally. Not to mention the instructor may show you the best dive site locations based on your skills and experience. Make sure to follow his instructions, though.


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