The Worst Indonesia Tsunami Ever

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Indonesia tsunami

Indonesia tsunami

In 2004, the great Indian Ocean had gained a terrible impact from a massive earthquake. The undersea tremor also had a significant effect to Sumatra Island, Indonesia. It was the worst Indonesia tsunami. It lasted up to 10 minutes. It’s also the deadliest natural disaster in the country. The earthquake even took more than 250,000 lives in 14 countries. There were many casualties. The reason was the absence of warning system to detect tsunami in the Indian Ocean. It was too late. Many people couldn’t avoid the wild waves.


The Powerful Wave of Indonesia Tsunami

The Tsunami in Sumatra was so overwhelming. The natural disaster happened in high-density are. The waves struck badly.  Not to mention the people had no experience regarding tsunami. The result would be different if they had experienced it before. In 2004, more than 160,000 Indonesians were killed. Many of them weren’t found either. Due to the damage, more than 400,000 people became homeless. The tsunami occurred at the Boxing Day. Survivors told various stories regarding the disaster. They were traumatized with the event.

Indonesia tsunami

Indonesia tsunami effect

During the earthquake, the earth surface broke into several pieces. The tectonic plates moved gradually. Sumatra Island is situated between 2 tectonic plates. Why the earthquake was so big? Some expert came up with some theories. They thought that the earthquake occurred in the Sundra trench. There was a possibility that the vertical fault cracked backwards in the reverse direction. Simply put, the longer the crack, the bigger the effect is. Still, there are many possibilities.

Indonesia tsunami isn’t the only devastating natural disaster in 2004. The other countries also suffer similar effects. There are some interesting facts about it. As mentioned earlier, the cause of the tsunami was an earthquake. The power of the tremor was the same of an atomic bomb. The epicenter was near to Sumatra west coast. It took so many lives in Aceh. The powerful shock waves swept the land badly along with the people. There were indeed many casualties. It became the largest earthquake in the last 40 years.


When Indonesia Tsunami, Was it a Man’s Job?

Some people consider the earthquake was man’s job. A few conspiracy theories occurred at that time. The conspiracy theorists think that the natural disaster was caused by a tsunami bomb. In fact, there’s such kind of bomb. The US Navy owns it. The question is whether they had used it to create the earthquake. What’s the motive? Some people say that it was for eliminating as many Muslims as possible in South Asia countries. Another conspiracy theory is related to the alien. Some people believe that it was caused by an alien’s job. The purpose was to correct the planet’s position.

Regardless of the causes, Indonesia tsunami indeed had taken so many lives. It was devastating natural disaster. The worst thing is that the victims weren’t aware of the waves right away. There was the gap between the earthquake and the tsunami. They could have moved into the safer place during such period. If they had known the coming waves, they could survive. The tsunami in 2004 was considered the worst one.

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