Zum-Zum Island in North Maluku – A Hidden Beauty of Indonesia

tourist places in Indonesia - Zum-Zum Island

tourist places in Indonesia – Zum-Zum Island (source: http://lifestyle.liputan6.com/)

Since there are many tourist places in Indonesia, it’s difficult to choose one for a vacation. If you look for a unique tourism, there’s North Maluku. The capital of the province is Ternate. Even though it’s part of Maluku, it owns a distinct beauty. Perhaps you have heard about this. Maluku is the representation of spices. In the past, some nations invaded the island for its seasonings. These include the Spanish, Dutch, etc. Even some kingdoms waged war to each other for the sake of total control over the spices. Today, the spices plants and trees have been replanted in other countries. Maluku remains popular, though. Thanks to its tourism.


Great Things about Zum-Zum Island

One thing, North Maluku only consists of 15% of the land. The rest of the area is seas. Due to this reason, you can enjoy thousands of marine beauties in here. The island also has a significant historical value. If you want the best vacation destination, you must visit Zum-Zum Island. It’s situated near to Darbua city. Just because it’s a small island, doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting to visit. The island offers beautiful panorama. The beach has the white sand. There’s also a famous cave here. Tourists love to explore this location.

tourist places in Indonesia - Zum-Zum Island

tourist places in Indonesia – Zum-Zum Island – General Douglas McArthur (source: www.pulaumorotaikab.go.id)

North Maluku has several islands. One of them is the Zum-Zum Island. It becomes one of the most important tourist places in Indonesia. You can reach the island by speedboat. It takes no more than 25 minutes. The island has a historical story. It became a war post during the World War II. General McArthur stayed here during the war. Thus, the other name of the island is MacArthur Island. There’s even a statue written by his vow. He said that he may return to this island. Today, the island becomes one of the best tourist destinations in North Maluku.


How to Reach the Island

For foreigners, it’s a little bit troublesome to visit the Zum-Zum Island. It’s because there is no airport on this island. The first destination is Ternate. Once you reach the city, you need to ride a speedboat to Doroba Island. Later, you need to use a small boat to reach Zum-Zum Island. It will be uncomfortable if you come alone. Thus, you must look for a local guide first. He or she guides you to the island. Hiring a guide also prevents unwanted events during the trip. You can even be lost due to lack information. You shouldn’t overlook the help of a tour guide.

There are various tourist places in Indonesia. However, Zum-Zum Island is quite unique. It’s not as popular as Bali Island, though. The beautiful beach makes the island more interesting for visitors. It also comes with clear water. You are allowed to swim and dive here. Do you like animals? There are marine creatures around like fishes, sea shells, starfish, etc. If you want to relax on the beach, don’t forget to bring sunblock. The sun rays can be uncomfortable sometimes. The island is secluded. You won’t see many indigenous people here. It’s a perfect place to find peace.

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